Sergey Makarov

Sergey Makarov

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196 cm
97 kg
Fishing, cars
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Ice hockey


Sergey Makarov was born in Moscow and started playing
volleybal at the age of eleven. His first coach Mikhail Konstantinovsky
appointed him to be a setter from the very beginning, and Sergey has never had
any regrets concerning that prophetic decision. His professional career in
MGFSO (Moscow) and then "Dynamo" (Moscow) was developing happily
until the terrible car crash in 2002, when Sergey had both his legs broken. He
missed the 2002/2003 season, and was thinking of finishing his sports activity.
But due to the courageous character Makarov managed to recover and take back
his place in the starting line-up of "Dynamo".

The new age in Makarov's biography started in 2005,
when he won the Russian Championship with "Dynamo" and joined the
national team of Russia. After the defeat in the European Championship final
against Italy (2:3), the head coach of the Russian team Zoran Gajic resigned,
and the new coach Vladimir Alekno decided not to use Makarov. The new chance to
show himself as a big player Sergey was only in 2010. Taking into consideration
the huge experience of Makarov and his iron-hard temper Daniele Bagnoli decided
to set him as a captain of the Russian team for the World Championship in

In 2011, as a part of the national team, Makarov won
the World Cup.

In 2013 it was caused in a national team after a big
break. Unanimously colleagues on team chose him as the captain.

In 2013 I won two important tournaments - World league
and the European championship.


  • Position Setter
  • Selection Olympic (0) - W.C. (9) - Other (84)
  • International Debut Italy
  • Club Debut MGFSO
  • Current Club Kuzbass
  • Spike 337
  • Block 329