Kraków is a city with a thousand years of tradition. The former seat of the Polish kings and the capital of the country, nowadays it is an important European metropolis.

Kraków’s Old Town is a unique treasure of works of art, historical monuments and historic buildings, representing almost all architectural styles, from the Middle Ages to the present day.

For hundreds of years, the Main Market Square has remained the heart of the city. It is the largest town square of medieval Europe, preserved in unchanged form since 1257 and included in the first list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites already in 1978. For 600 years now, from the tower of St Mary's Basilica, every hour the bugle call, played to the four winds, can be heard. Additionally, the Cloth Hall – the medieval market hall located in the middle of the Market Square – is one of the most recognizable Polish monuments. Krakow also boasts the second oldest institution of higher education in Central Europe – the Jagiellonian University. Also the Wawel Royal Castle has been overlooking the city for centuries – the beginnings of the residence of the Polish kings on the Wawel Hill date back to mid-11th century.

Apart from the monuments of the Old Town, Kazimierz, as a space of centuries-long co-existence of two cultures (Christian and Jewish), filled with Jewish monuments of global importance, continues to amaze. It is a district of antique and work of art markets, of cosy cafes, restaurants and pubs where live music can be admired.

Kraków is also a city vibrating with cultural life. In 2000 it was selected as a European Capital of Culture. Every year, nearly 100 festivals and other cultural, world-famous events take place here. It is also a city of modern museums, where visitors can come face to face with history. The capital of the Malopolska region can also boast a rich offer for sports and recreation enthusiasts.

Location: Kraków is located in the south of Poland, on the Vistula River (the largest of the Polish rivers). It is the capital of Malopolska region.
Region: Malopolska
Population: 757 611 (year 2011)
Area: 327 km²

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The project consisting in the construction of a multipurpose arena for 15 000 spectators, which after many years can finally be implemented in Kraków-Czyzyny, within the area of Park Lotnikow Polskich (Polish Airmen Park) that connects the centre of Krakow with Nowa Huta district and is located near Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego (Physical Education University), is an investment warmly accepted by sports circles in Poland, and through the authorities of Polish Sports Associations, also awaited by the international circles. International sports federations, appreciating the prestige and reputation of the city of Kraków on international market, set their great hopes on the construction of such a sports facility in Krakow and will certainly plan the organization of major sports events in the venue once its construction is completed.

The designed arena entirely fulfils technical and organisational requirements for cultural/entertainment events, including major concerts and performances, as well as large conventions, conferences, trade fairs and exhibitions.

Multifunctional properties of the arena as well as the organization of the aforementioned types of events is possible owing to the full modularity of the facility, which means a certain section of the arena can be adjusted to the particular requirements and needs of a given event.


Seating capacity of 15,328
11,554 seats on fixed stands and 3,774 seats on fold-up stands

Main sports arena

4,318 m² for tracks and field
2,388 m² for other sports disciplines
Training arena together with 304-seat auditorium and back-up facilities 3,649 m²


A total of 1,341 parking spaces in the facility (underground parking lot with 808 public and 206 VIP parking spaces, 19 parking spaces for coach buses, 19 fitness parking spaces, 46 parking spaces for the personnel of the arena, 243 parking spaces in the public ground parking lot)


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