Experience was there for key player Bram Van Den Dries


Coach Baeyens stressed the share of international experience Van Den Vries has

Héctor Soto - Puerto Rico captain: "We haven't got consistent reception in this game, if we had it, it could've been a better match from our side. Belgium prepared a good plan on serve and we didn't had a response to it. I know that everybody internationally has seen me playing as an opposite, so they'll try to serve on me, take advantage on it. Belgians used that and succeeded."

Frank Depestele - Belgium captain: "I think the beginning made the difference, we've had a good start and it gave us a lot of confidence, helped to keep our level on service. The little number of errors in this element decided on the result."

David Alemán - Puerto Rico coach: "As my captain said, we couldn't establish our game in side-out. We can't play our system without a good reception and Belgians did some very good job on stopping us."

Dominique Baeyens - Belgium coach: "Our job was to control Puerto Rican side-out. We took certain options in serve and it worked from the start. That's what coaches always hope for. If you cannot play side-out then the game becomes quite simple for your opponent. As for (Bram) Van Den Dries, we have different types of opposites in the team and he's the power guy. He played in Italy and France so I think his progress it's not only on me. He didn't play well against USA but he improved today."


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