Canada move to Katowice with big hopes


Canadian libero Daniel Lewis celebrated big after the important victory over Finland

Wroclaw, Poland, September 11, 2014 – Two victories in the first two days of the second round have enhanced the hopes of team Canada as they move now to Katowice to complete the key phase of the event to define the Final Six.

Canada coach Glenn Hoag: “We are very happy with the win and those three points. We go to Katowice with great hopes. My team played much better than yesterday, although I was concerned about them as they were very tired following the last match. Volleyball is my passion so it is really exciting for me when my team plays like that.”

Canada captain Frederic Winters: “I am very happy for this victory. We have an interesting relationship with Finland because we have played against each other for sixteen times already. We know each other well and that is why we knew that it is going to be a difficult match. It was really hard especially in the first two sets. We had a lot of luck and we managed to overcome a pressure. Today our reception was really good. Now we move on with a really big chance to get into the final six.”

Finland coach Tuomas Sammelvuo: “Congratulation to Canada. They won with us again. We were really close to win the first two sets, although we had problems with service and attack. However, we did not stay focused and confident. We lost mentally. It is very frustrating when you lose the first two sets. We have to work on that. The last thing is Gavin Schmitt who made a big difference to the game as we could not stop him.”

Finland captain Antti Siltala: “Congratulation to Canada as it was a great match for them. They played much harder in the end of the sets because they managed to win the first two ones. We had the same problem in the meeting with Brazil when we could not finish the sets and we also lost 3-0. Now our situation is very complicated and we will see what the future will bring us.”


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