Character and energy the keys for Serbia


Serbian players celebrate after the victory over Argentina

Wroclaw, Poland, August 2, 2014 - Serbian captain Dragan Stankovic highlighted the character and energy showed by his team against Argentina.

Serbia head coach, Igor Kolakovic: “It was a very difficult match for us. We made some serious mistakes and we were quite nervous at the beginning but after the first break we started to play much better. I don’t think that we start badly every big event but of course we get experience and we try to play better in the next meetings. Now we have to forget about this victory because in front of us there is a very important match with Australia.”

Serbia captain, Dragan Stankovic: “I want to congratulate my teammates for this victory. We showed character and I am surprised that today we played with such energy because we did not show it in the first match with Poland. Hopefully we will play like this until the end of this championship. It was more difficult to play at the stadium than here because we used to play at the halls like this one. We feel really good here and I hope it will stay like this for the next meetings.”

Argentina head coach, Julio Velasco: “First of all I want to congratulate Serbia for this victory. Their situation was difficult after the first match with Poland. Today they played better than us, especially in the defense and counterattack. We had problems with serves.

On his time coaching Iran: 
“I do not regret that I am not a coach of Iran, although I know that they will go far on this championship. As I said for thousand times, I want to work with my own country so Argentina is the right place for me.”

Argentina captain, Javier Filardi: “It was not a good match for us. We have to work to show ourselves better in the next matches.”


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