Coach Kovac says stopping Zaytsev worked well for Iran


Both coaches Kovac and Berruto pointed out Iran did better in long rallies

Mir Saeid Marouflakrani - Iran captain: "In the last two years we have played a lot against Italy and we know each other well. We played good in reception today and when we do good in this element we can play a high level. Italy is one of the strongest teams in the world, so we have to stay focused and play our best to beat them, and we did." 

Emanuele Birarelli - Italy captain: "This was a really bad start from our side. We were ready to play better but we got a bit too nervous and in the third set we were leading but got distracted and lost. We need to grow up and not let this happen again."

Slobodan Kovac - Iran coach: "We played against one of the best teams in the world. We were much more patient and learnt to maybe not close every ball in the first attack, as in the past. We've had a good reception and our setter played really fast - in this case it's difficult for other teams to play with us. We have tried to stop Zaytsev and I think we succeed in that." 

Mauro Berruto - Italy coach: "We have to congratulate Iran because they played better in a match of not a high level. I think both teams can play better. Iran deserved to win and showed they are better than us today, especially in ending long rallies. The ability they had to win the long rallies made the difference today."


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