Conte: I hope Argentina will spring a surprise


Argentina's Facundo Conte spoke about his team's victory against Cameroon

Wrocław, Poland, September 4, 2014 - Argentina marched to victory against Cameroon - we asked Facundo Conte for his comments after the match.

What would be your comment on this match?
Facundo Conte: "It was an important match for us after the loss to Serbia. We needed to recover our game. We found it difficult to keep up our level in the last set. We have to think about Australia now. This is going to be a very tough match, because their game is similar to ours."

What do you want to improve for next match?

Facundo Conte: "The most important element we have to work on is attack. Our block, reception and defense are quite good. We should improve our game to the level we played at against Venezuela, or in the second set against Serbia. This is the key for us to play better."

Which teams are the strongest in your opinion?
Facundo Conte: "The best ones are Russia, Brazil and Poland. Iran is also a surprise for everyone. This is a different tournament. We have already had some surprises, and I think we will have some more. I hope Argentina will also spring a surprise during this tournament. The level is very high so everyone can win."

You come from the country of football, home to Maradona and Messi. How was it that you became a volleyball player, and not a footballer?
Facundo Conte: "I tried to play other sports, but volleyball is closest to my innate qualities. My father was a volleyball player, one of the best in Argentina. I was born with a volleyball in my hands."


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