Cubans answer the bell against Bulgaria


Cuba's defence excelled in their meeting with Bulgaria on Saturday

Wroclaw, Poland, September 13, 2014 – After cruising for the first two sets of their match against Bulgaria, the Cuban side had to dig for extra power before taking a well fought third chapter of the contest.

Cuba coach Rodolfo Sanchez: “I am very happy for this victory. It is very important for me because Bulgaria is a very good team. From the very beginning we believed that we could win. I am glad that we showed ourselves from a good side at the very end of this round. There were some nerves but we stayed concentrated and we managed to win in straight sets.”

Cuba captain Rolando Cepeda Abreu: “I am very happy for this victory. We were very focused at the beginning. Then there was a little bit of nervousness. But we stayed concentrated and overcame the pressure and that is why we won.”

Bulgaria coach Plamen Konstantinov: “Congratulations to Cuba’s team. They played better than us. I can say that I am disappointed with my team. In the first two sets we were showing some volleyball but then we completely gave up. Even if someone says that the result was not vital, for me it really was because I see that my team did not show the level that they are supposed to show. That is truly concerning for me.”

Bulgaria captain Todor Aleksiev: “Congratulations to Cuba for this victory. About the game – we are falling down and we cannot stop. We want to win and we want to play better but obviously we do not know how. We make a lot of errors which and we have to improve every element in our game. We wish to win tomorrow’s match because it is very important for us.”


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