Germany block Korean ways for a straight set win


After straight sets victory, Germany booked second round tickets

 Katowice, Poland, September 7, 2014- Germany Blocked the Korean ways to confirm promotion to the second round of the 2014 FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship after they won in a straight sets (25-13, 25-16,25-21) at Spodek hall in Katowice, Poland on Sunday’s.
Germany improved their win- loss ratio to 4-1 and raised their total points to 12, apoint ahead of Brazil before their last match against Cuba later on Sunday, while Korea dropped to 1-3 at the fourth position. 
Having am advance in blocks and serves, Germany could control the game throughout the whole sets.  

Key points:

• Germany scored 20 points from Korea’s mistakes in the match.

•Germany led 10-1 in blocks and scored seven points with serves, while Korea made two. 

• Denys Kaliberda with 14 points was the Germany's top scorer.

• Jae-Duck Seo led Korea, scorers with 10 points. 

After a fine block displayed by Sebastian Schwarz and Marcus Böhme, followed by an efficient spike, Germany run 4-1 ahead in the first set. With a kill by Denys Kaliberda preceded by well defence, Germany extended their leading to four points (6-2). Blocking Korea’s spike, Vital Heynen’s players led 8-3 at the first technical timeout. With a rally displayed by Tim Broshog, György Grozer of Germany and Myung-Geun Song, the second technical timeout reached  with 16-10 Germany’s leading. Playing confidently in passing and making a use of the opponent’s mistake, Germany jumped 22-12 ahead and finished the set 25-13 with an ace. 

Jae-Duck Seo with his kill helped Korea to take a 3-2 lead at the beginning of the second set. Shortly after that, a fine spike by György Grozer followed by Marcus Böhme’s ace put Germany 7-4 ahead. Another two points scored with fine serves- this time by Lukas Kampa, increased the lead to six points (11-5). Thanks to the triple block, Germany managed to build eight points advance before the second technical timeout. Keeping their advance through the whole set, Germany won it 25-16 with Sebastian Schwarz left-wing spike. 

They were Korea, who scored a leading (6-4) at the beginning of the third set. Improving passing and preparing some smart kills, Koreans led 8-6 at the first technical timeout. Kang-In Jeon’s left-wing spike extended the leading to 9-6, but a fine block by Marcus Böhme and Lukas Kampa, followed by Sebastian Schwarz’s kill helped Germany to catch up at 10-10. Some fine spikes displayed by Tim Broshog and György Grozer as well as their efficient block, put Germany 16-14 at the second technical timeout. Holding the leading, Germany came to the end of the set and finished it 25-21 with Grozer’s kill.


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