Kolakovic welcomes victory with mixed feelings


Serbian coach Igor Kolakovic (L) and Australia's Jon Uriarte at the press conference following their match in Pool A

Wroclaw, Poland, September 4, 2014 – Serbian coach Igor Kolakovic was not completely satisfied after the 3-1 victory over Australia saying his team have big problems with the services and need to start playing better.

Serbia head coach, Igor Kolakovic: “We are very happy with the victory but not satisfied with our game. There is a lot of work ahead of us. Such a good team as Australia showed us that we have big problems especially with services. If we want to succeed on this championship, we have to start playing better.”

Serbia captain, Dragan Stankovic: “We can be satisfied with these three points because finally we won. Still, there are a lot of elements that we must improve if we want to think about the next stage of the championship. For sure we need to work on our service. We had a lot of luck in this match. We know that Australia’s team are one of the best.”

Australia head coach, Jon Uriarte: “Unfortunately, we have to lose while we are playing like that. The feeling is awful because we wanted to win this match. A lot of my players are very young so they are not as experienced as the players from other teams. I am happy that in these three matches we showed that we have improved our game and hopefully we will use the experience to win other matches.”

Question about the next match with Argentina – How does he feel before the meeting with his son as an opponent?

“We were in such a situation before, so we are both prepared for that. I am very proud that my son is playing in the national team. I will be happy with either result.”

Australia captain, Aidan Zingel: “We did not get a result that we wanted but we did what we could. We showed better volleyball than during the match with Poland but still it was not enough to win. Hopefully, we will play better in the next match with Argentina so that we will get another three points.” 


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