Serbia play for first World Championship victory against France


Serbia and France play in Lodz


•    France have won both matches against Serbia at the World Championships, in 1956 and in the bronze medal match in 2002, when France won their only medal at the World Championships.
•    Serbia have won seven of their last nine encounters with France in major tournaments, including the last time they met, in the quarterfinals of the 2011 European Championship, when Serbia went on to win gold.


•    Serbia have lost their first and their latest match at these championships, winning five matches in between.
•    They will reach 200 set wins at the World Championships if they win this match. This includes Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro and Yugoslavia.
•    They have not lost two matches in a row since the 2010 first round.


•    France can win six matches in a row for the first time. They also had a run of five wins in 1970.
•    With six wins so far in Poland, France need two more to equal 2006 when they won a total of eight matches at a single World Championship. They had seven wins in 1970 and 2002.
•    Antonin Rouzier is the 2014 top scorer having scored 139 points.


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