This match wasn't a surprise at all - Speraw


According to USA coach Speraw, Belgium showed a good system of play, depth and many good players

Frank Depestele - Belgium captain: "We started a bit stressed for the first ten points of the game, after luckily we could get rid of it. We took one point of USA, but I'd rather have two. Maybe tomorrow we'll be more satisfied with this result. Every point is important here, in the next days we will see how many points we can get and where they will take us."

David Lee - USA captain: "Every win makes me happy. The fashion in which we played wasn't as good as it could have been; we can play much better in serve and reception. We should play more consistently, but in the end got two points today. This pool is going to be tough, as Iran defeated Italy already and we fought through five sets with Belgium. It's surely going to be a difficult road for success."

Dominique Baeyens - Belgium coach: "Serve and passing was our problem today, mainly in the first set. This result is the price that you pay at this level for these mistakes. Honestly we can do better than this, but that's the theory. It's something we will try to prove in the next game. Of course a point against USA is good, but I'm always disappointed when we lose. We didn't come here just to participate; we can do some damage. Our goal is to be able to compete with any team."

John Speraw - USA coach: "I think this match wasn't a surprise at all. We've studied Belgium and I have a great respect for them, their system of play is excellent and they have a lot of depth, a lot of players that can come from the bench and help. People see us as World League winners but it doesn't mean it'll be easy for us. First game is always funny and weird, but I think we are going to play better as the tournament goes, and the same with Belgium. It's a dangerous team."


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