Velasco admits the next two matches are difficult


Julio Velazco addressing his players during a time-out of the match against Cameroon

Wroclaw, Poland, September 4, 2014 – With Australia and Poland as their two next opponents in Pool A, Argentinean coach Julio Velasco says they need to play at their best level to overcome those hurdles.

Argentina head coach, Julio Velasco: “We had to win this meeting because we needed points after the loss with Serbia. Cameroon was close to win the third set. We want to lead in Pool A but we are aware that we must improve some elements because there are very difficult matches ahead for us.”

Question about next matches with Australia and Poland:
“As I said before, Australia is a very strong team and we know that the match with them is going to be very difficult. I am sure that we have to play better than we do if we want to win against that team. Poland is even stronger, in my opinion. They have great players and fantastic supporters which is a big advantage.”

Argentina captain, Javier Filardi: “That was a good match for us. The last set was the most difficult but we managed to win it. We are aware that in front of us, there is a really difficult match but we want to win again and hopefully we will make it.”

Cameroon head coach, Peter Nonnenbroich: “Lately, people are saying that Cameroon is a better team so we feel a big pressure. We are playing with big countries on this championship – like today with Argentina. We are trying to catch up our opponents. In the third set I told my team to stop looking at the scoreboard and focus on the game to score one point after another. Of course, I would like to congratulate Argentina for the victory. I am happy for my team. Hopefully, in the next two meetings we are going to be less stressed and enjoy the game.”

Question about match with Poland – Are they afraid of Polish team?

“No, not at all, and every point that we score will be fantastic for us. Hopefully, Polish fans will bring a great atmosphere again. It is a great experience for a team from Africa to be part of this championship so we are very happy to be here.”

Cameroon captain, Jean Patrice Ndaki: “First of all, I want to thank God for being here. It is a wonderful opportunity to play with Argentina on this championship. I also would like to thank our supporters at the hall. I realise that we could win the last set but we played with a really strong team. I am happy that we showed that we have the potential.”


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