Velasco confident about Argentina's chances


Getting three points in their first match was important for Argentina's Julio Velasco

Julio Velasco, Coach of Argentina: “If we don’t make so many errors in the next matches, we will go far on this championship. For sure, we need to improve our serves. To me, one of the candidates for winning the championship is Russia. We surely shouldn’t forget about Brasil, USA or Italy, however they lost today with Iran. I think that for Poland it would be very important to gain a medal because they play in their own country. They were under a big pressure but they managed to beat Serbia really easily. We are very happy because of this victory. The most important thing is that we have three points at the beginning of this event. The first and the second sets were quite difficult for us. We made some mistakes because we have very young players in our team and they were a bit stressed. They were getting more confidence during the match and played better and better. For sure, we need to improve our serves.”

Javier Filardi, Captain of Argentina: “First match is always the most difficult because you are very stressed and full of doubts. I hope that we will show volleyball on this level in next matches.”

Vincenzo Nacci, Coach of Venezuela: “Our first set was quite good, just like the second one but I regret the last set. We completely lost our faith and we have to work to improve our attack. I can’t say much about the match between Poland and Serbia because I didn’t watch it – I was thinking about meeting with Argentina. I know that Poland had a very good serve and Serbia had problems with block so they certainly have to improve this element. I want to add that my team is also very young and this is the opportunity for them to show what they can do.”

Kervin Pinerua, Captain of Venezuela: “I would like to congratulate Argentina for the victory. It wasn’t the best beginning for us. The first set was nearly perfect because we almost won it. I think that we should improve some things in our game, like block. Hopefully we will perform better in the next matches.”


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