Voronkov: "Muserskiy was definitely the star in this match"


Canada captain Frederic Winters mentioned that Dmitriy Muserskiy made the big difference in the match

Gdansk, Poland, September 1, 2014 – Russia defeated Canada in straight sets to start a positive run in Pool C of the FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship at the Ergo Arena on Monday.

Canada captain Frederic Winters: “We were not able to play well today. Unfortunately, we did not manage to stop the Russian team on the attack and serve. The person that made the big difference was Russia’s Dmitriy Muserskiy. If we avoided them to score the three straight aces, the match would have been completely different. We have to forget about it and concentrate on our next match against Bulgaria.”

Canada coach Glenn Hoag: “We obviously suffered from Russia’s good service. We had problems with attack, especially in position four. In the end, Russia played very well and blocked well and made it difficult for us to side out. In order to win with such a strong team as Russia, we should have played well and we did not play well.

Russia captain Sergey Makarov: “Our team was under a huge pressure because of the fact that it is our first match in the competition. Hopefully, with every match we play, we will become steadier. So we are just getting ready for the next match.

Russia coach Andrey Voronkov: “We have been preparing for this match for a long time, not only physically but psychologically. Canada showed good skills on defence. Our aim was to win this meeting in straight sets and we managed to achieve this result. Not all players showed their skills in the best possible way and we definitely have to work on it. It is obvious that Muserskiy was the star today but we cannot favour any player. Further, we had some problems in the team because of injuries, which explains the absence of players such as Alexey Verbov and Maxim Mikhaylov. My goal in this team is to win every single match.”


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