"We worked hard for this", underlines Iran's coach


Slobodan Kovac also praised the blocking achievements of his side over Puerto Rico

Héctor Soto - Puerto Rico captain: "The story of our tournament – if we don't have a reception, we can't play our game. Iran changed their serve and we couldn't find any adjustments. After an emotional victory as the one yesterday we were not prepared mentally to compete against Iran today."

Mir Saeid Marouflakrani - Iran captain: "Yesterday I said we should finish this phase with a victory, so we were really concentrated, especially after Puerto Rico won over Italy. We played really good with our serve. I hope we will keep this good disposition for the next round and go as far as possible."

David Alemán - Puerto Rico coach: "Yesterday, Jackson Rivera had a better passing day. Iranian serve put us in trouble, their touch in block was really good, so all that's left is to wish them good luck in the next round. We would like to thank Poland for being so welcoming and polish fans for their support for the team. We've had a great run here."

Slobodan Kovac - Iran coach: "I think it's normal that after yesterday's victory, tonight we played good. I'm happy because I had spoken about mentality of my team and was afraid of this match, but my players played excellent. They've had 16 kill blocks in three sets, that gives you a clear idea about the game. We worked hard during the World League for this World Championship and this is the result."


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