Multicultural with remarkable history. The city of ancient palaces, villas and nineteenth-century textile factories. The city of festivals, openings, exhibitions, theatre performances, exciting sporting events.

Five reasons to visit Łódź

Always on the way! Łódź is located in the centre of Poland, by the crossing of two major highways - A1 and A2. Well developed transport network makes it easily accessible by road, railroad or air.

There's much going on! Łódź is the third biggest city in Poland (by population), where the calendar is full of cultural, trade and sport events.

As prestigious as ... NYC! Łódź can be called a stepsister of New York City, as they have much in common. Both cities experienced their fastest growth in the 19th century (population increased several hundred times!). Both have grid street plans in their centres. They use post-industrial interiors as apartments (lofts), art studios, galleries, etc. They are excellent film settings - about 250 films have been shot in Łódź.

Łódź creates! Recent city's slogan gives an evidence that the city has a head full of ideas - it feels alive and creates: design, fashion, architecture, cinema... Polish capital of clubbing! Countless pubs and clubs, where you can have a great time until dawn.

There are talks about Łódź.. And you need to see it on your own, to know what it really is!

Website: www.atlasarena.pl
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The Atlas Arena is the biggest sports and entertainment venue in Łódź, Poland. It has been launched in June 2009. The centre provides a complex set of services as regards organization of both sporting and entertainment events.

The Atlas Arena is well adjusted to meet organizational needs of wide range of disciplines, including basketball, volleyball, handball, indoor football, martial arts and many others.

This facility has a modern infrastructure compliant with requirements of international sports federations and organizations. The main field’s shape and construction enable us to convert it into a skating rink or even a swimming pool. The building’s functionality allows a clear division between passage areas intended for artists, sportsmen, staff, VIPs and spectators. We also have our own modular staging platforms at our disposal, while acoustic components applied within the facility due to their differentiated sound parameters allow achieving good sound absorption and appropriate frequency, as well as aftersound level below 2 seconds.

In 2009 - 2013, Atlas Arena held 201 events, with a total amount of 243 event days. This included 68 concerts, 95 sports events and over 38 other miscellaneous cultural events. Throughout a year it gave us an average number of at least one event a week.

According to statistics, in 2009 - 2013, we were visited by 1 925 043 persons.

Arena in numbers:

  • a 5-storey building
  • main field parameters: 3,500m²; 78m/45m
  • total area: 27,550m²
  • the highest roof point: 36m
  • a permanent grandstand: 10,049 seats
  • telescopic tribune: 2,060 seats
  • facility is adapted to host 13,806 spectators


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