Qualification Process 

A total of 148 teams played in the men’s world championship qualification process.

As per the FIVB sports regulations, the number of spots awarded by the FIVB for each Confederation for the next World Championships is as follows:

Distribution of vacancies per Confederation
CAVB  Africa   3
CEV  Europe Poland (Hosts) + 8
 CSV   South America  3
 NORCECA  North, Carribean and Central America  5

NB: The criteria of vacancies is based on the number of teams participating in the qualification phase and percentage of teams placed in the top 12 at previous World Championships. 

The host country has automatically qualified for the quadriennal event, and the other 23 vacancies were determined through qualifying tournaments held within the five FIVB Confederations (AVC, CAVB, CEV, CSV and NORCECA).

Qualification Process
   Qualified through
AVC (Four vacancies)
Iran  FIVB Volleyball Men's world Championship Poland 2014 Asia Pool B qualifier
Australia  FIVB VolleThird round qualifier (Winner pool E)yball Men's world Championship Poland 2014 Asia Pool A qualifier
Korea  FIVB Volleyball Men's world Championship Poland 2014 Asia Pool D qualifier
China  FIVB Volleyball Men's world Championship Poland 2014 Asia Pool C qualifier
CAVB (Three vacancies)
Egypt  Pool U winner - Final Round
Cameroon  Pool T winner - Final Round
Tunisia  Pool V winner - Final Round
CEV (Poland + eight vacancies)
Poland  Hosts
Russia  2013 Men's Volleyball European Championship
Italy  2014 Men's Volleyball European Championship
Bulgaria  Third round qualifier (Winner pool A)
Serbia  Third round qualifier (Winner pool B)
Germany  Third round qualifier (Winner pool C)
Belgium  Third round qualifier (Winner pool D)
Finland  Third round qualifier (Winner pool E)
France  Third round qualifier (Second best placed team)
CSV (Three vacancies)
Brazil  South American Continental Championship (First place)
Argentina  South American Continental Championship (Second place)
Venezuela  South America Qualification Tournament for the FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship Poland 2014

NORCECA (Five vacancies)
USA  NORCECA Qualification third round (winner Pool O)
Cuba  NORCECA Qualification third round (winner Pool P)
Canada  NORCECA Qualification third round (winner Pool Q)
Mexico  NORCECA Qualification third round (winner Pool R)
Puerto Rico  NORCECA Continental Cup play off (winner)


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