Canada make timely recovery against Cuba


Canadian fans were at Centennial Hall to back their national team on Wednesday

Wroclaw, Poland, September 10, 2014 – Team Canada were able to recover from the failures of the third set and went on to defeat Cuba in a long and exhausting match ahead of a demanding contest with Finland on Thursday.

Canada head coach, Hoag Glenn: “I am happy with the win, although we did not played as good as I expected. Cuba was presenting a great form, especially in the third set when we had some problems with finishing moves. We need to get some rest as soon as it is possible because it was a very exhausting meeting and in front of us there is a hard match with Finland.”

Canada captain, Frederic Winters: “It was a really important victory for us because I think that we have to win six matches to get into the final six. It was a hard meeting. We played with Cuba last summer but it was a completely different meeting. They improved their game a lot. The third set was the hardest one because we made some serious mistakes and we could not catch the result. However, we managed to mobilize in the decisive moment, so that we won.”

Cuba head coach, Rodolfo Sanchez: “I would like to congratulate Canada for this victory. We expected this match would be like that. We lost because we made too many mistakes and we lost our concentration. We are glad of our form but if we want to win another match we have to improve our game.”

Cuba captain, Rolando Cepeda Abreu: “We are very sad because of that loss. We made a lot of mistakes and we did not manage to get a clear lead. Especially the fifth set was pretty bad for us so that was the reason of our loss.”


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