China and Russia clash in Pool C



· Russia (including URS and CIS) won all four meetings with China at the world championship. Their most recent world championship meeting was in 1998 with Russia winning 3-1. 
· In 33 meetings at World Cups, World Championships and World Leagues, China succeeded to win only once from Russia (including URS and CIS). At the 1995 World League China beat Russia in five sets. 
· Their most recent meeting at a great tournament came at the 2011 World Cup. Russia defeated China in straight sets. 


· China have started the tournament with two victories followed by a straight sets loss against Bulgaria. 
· China's last match, the one against Bulgaria, was their 100th match at the World Championship. Their first match was back in 1956 when they defeated Brazil (3-1). 
· China lost their third match at this World Championship. Only in 1982 China won at least their first three World Championship matches. They then built a five-match winning streak from the beginning of the tournament. 


· Russia can win seven matches for the first time since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. 
· The URS won 29 matches in a row from 1974 until 1986.
· Russia have dropped only one set in their last six matches, against Bulgaria in 2010.


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