Concentration as important as the score - Voronkov


The high Russian blocking makes it difficult for the opposition

Wroclaw, Poland, September 11, 2014 – Russian coach Andrey Voronkov paid a crucial importance to the level of concentration needed by his team in order to achieve big things in the current world championship.

Russia coach Andrey Voronkov: “When we were preparing for this match we were thinking about three points. The victory was very important for us that is why we were quite nervous at the beginning of this meeting. In the match not only is the score important but also concentration. We have to improve this element because we cannot be such an unstable team if we want to achieve something on this championship.”

Russia captain Sergey Makarov: “We are very happy that we won this match especially if the result was 3-1. Now we are going to Katowice to play against Brazil and Germany. We will be preparing mentally and physically for those meetings. Everybody in our team is in a good shape so we hope that we will show a great volleyball.”

Cuba coach Rodolfo Sanchez: “Congratulation to Russia. We played a little bit worse than them. We could not use our assets but I hope that in the future we will play on the highest level. Hopefully the experience that we gained here will help us to achieve a success in the next years.”

Cuba captain Rolando Cepeda Abreu: “Congratulation to Russia for this victory. We tried to do our best but it was not enough.”


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