Concentration was the key for Poland


Wroclaw, Poland, September 4, 2014 – It was a comfortable victory for Poland over Venezuela giving coach Stephane Antiga the chance to use his bench players who actually did a terrific job.
Poland head coach, Stephane Antiga: “It was a really good result for us. It was an easy match for us because we played well. We were concentrated for the whole match. I had a chance to use substitution line and they managed to win this match. It is a good sign for me.”

Question about the next match – Does he let the reserves play against the Cameroonian team?

“Of course it is possible but it is difficult to give playing time to the whole team. I will try my best to check everyone on this championship.”

Poland captain, Michal Winiarski: “It was another great evening for us. We were concentrated which was seen for a whole match. It was a very good match for us. We controlled the game all the way. We gained very important three points. Now we start to think about next matches.”

Venezuela head coach, Vincenzo Nacci: “It was a great match for our captain. We were successful in the attack however it is very hard to play with such a strong opponent as Poland. We had a good first set but we were too weak for them tonight. We did not have a lot of opportunities to play together. Hopefully, the experience which we gained on this championship will help us in the future.”

Question about the future – Do they believe that they will be promoted to the next stage on this championship?

“Everything is possible. On this championship everything is vital, even the organisation or the support. We know that we can mobilize. We will try to do as much as we can to get into another stage.”

Venezuela captain, Kervin Piñerua: “I think that it was not the worst match for us, especially the first set. We did not play as bad as the result shows. We made a lot of service’s errors and Polish players showed a strong block. The difference between the sets was visible. We lost the concentration and confidence during the match. Hopefully that won’t repeat in the next matches. Surely, the support from the crowd helped Poland today but that is not the main reason of our loss.”


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