Confidence goes down when Wlazly plays like that - Kovac


Wlazly was one of the highlights for Poland as Iran's coach Slobodan Kovac pointed out

Lodz, Poland, September 13, 2014 - After a completely breathtaking match, Iran coach Slobodan Kovac and captain Mir Saied Marouflakrani expressed how much Poland damaged them with their services, which Poland coach Stephane Antiga agreed in his analysis.

Iran captain Mir Saeid Marouflakrani: "Poland played some really good volleyball today. They killed us with their service, we had nothing to do about it, but we came back to the game when they thought it was over. We played our maximum in the fourth set and in the final one we were good until 14-14, but there we struggled in counter attack and Poland won. We tried our best, but here's the result."

Poland player Michal Kubiak: "It was definitely an important victory, but we have forget about it right away. We get to each game with a complete will to fight, and now we need a victory against France which is crucial for our qualification to the next round. As for tonight, congratulations to Iran, especially to their setter who showed he's a great player."

Iran coach Slobodan Kovac: "A match like this is not good for the heart. Poland played very hard in the first two sets, with very strong services. Your confidence goes down when Wlazly serves at 126 km/h and plays like that, but it's hard to keep up with that service all match. We started to fight back and we've had this match in our hands, but we lost it, because you can't make mistakes like that if you have a team like Poland against you. What's important is that we didn't give up - it's another step in our growth."

Poland coach Stephane Antiga: "My feelings are mixed. I'm disappointed because we could have won 3-0, but this victory still is good. We dominated in service and passing line in the beginning; from the third set these elements worked for Iran as well. I hope that the fact we managed to come out from such troubles will help us tomorrow against France. (About Michal Winiarski's injury) He had problems with his back. We will test him but we don't know how serious this is. That situation might have affected the team as he's our leader and a loss like that in such moments brings a lot of emotions."


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