Darraidou: Poland is riding on the crest of a wave


Wroclaw, Poland, September 7, 2014 - Poland still
remains unbeatable. Unhappy about the loss Santiago Darraidou commented on this

How would you sum up today’s match?

This was a
difficult match for us. We did not enter the game quickly and we made some
mistakes, actually too many of them. I think we lost mainly because of our

Poland still remains unbeatable. What can you tell
about Polish team?

Polish team has
very good, talented and determined players. Poland is riding on
the crest of a wave so it was easier for them to win this game. They made us
feel lost.

How did it feel to play in front of so many

It was great the
atmosphere in Argentina is the same. However, I like Poland. Wroclaw is a
beautiful city.

What are your feelings about next round?

I do not know
who we will play against but it is going to be difficult because we lost some
points in Wroclaw. We have to win two difficult matches to qualify to best six


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