Edgar: I am so disappointed


Australia's Thomas Edgar speaks of his team's results in the Men's World Championship

Wrocław, Poland, September 6, 2014 - Dejected after losing to Argentina, Thomas Edgar shared his thoughts on the game and his hopes for the next round.

What do you feel about this match?
It was not a good game for us. It was very disappointing. We came here with a lot of good expectations and good form after the World League Final Six. We haven’t hit the form we need to play this sort of tournament. Playing at one hundred percent, we were beaten like this. That is why I am so disappointed.

You were very close to Argentina until the middle of the third set. What happened then?
We made few errors; they had a few aces, controlled a few balls and finally we lost our way.

You scored many points with blocks. Is that your best element?

That is what we base a lot of our trainings on. There is a lot of work around blocks; but unfortunately, we can’t win games just with the block.
It was a special game for your coach, because he was playing against his son. Did he talk with you about it? Was he nervous or excited about it?
I think it is like any other game. It was special for him, but I do not think that he changed anything in our game. The coach had a lot of good information about how Nicolas plays. We had a good plan, but we failed to execute it.

Venezuela would be your next opponent and it will be a really important match for you.

It is the most important game for us. If we want to go to the second round, we have to beat Venezuela. They are not a bad team. They played against some better teams and they will play without fear against us.

I have noticed that no matter the score, the Australian team smiles very often. Are you pleased to be in Poland?
Yes! Poland is a great place to play. We are disappointed with our results, but we love playing in Poland. I am just hoping for the best. If we win and go to the second round, we will show some better volleyball and enjoy our stay in Poland even more.


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