Energized Germany power past Iran


Germany obtained three points to push Iran against the wall with one match to play against France

Katowice, Poland, September 17, 2014 – The German team that played on Wednesday at Spodek Arena was the other side of the coin compared to the one subdued by France one night earlier as they corrected all their mistakes.

Germany coach, Vital Heynen: “Yesterday all was wrong with our team, today my team showed other face. We played good in block and defense. It’s hard to say what happened with us, I’m surprised that I’m sitting in the place of the winner.” 

Germany captain, Jochen Schöps: “We’re happy, especially that we played much better than yesterday. Nobody really expected such result so I’m proud of my team.” 

Iran coach Slobodan Kovac: “Congratulations to German team, they played really well. Their serve and block was very good.”


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