Finland book second round ticket after defeating Tunisia


Finland claims victory over Tunisia and jumps to the next round

 Katowice, Poland, September 7, 2014- Finland booked the third Pool B ticket to the second round of the 2014 FIVB Men's World Championship following their straight sets victory over winless Tunisia (25-28, 25-24, 25-20) at Spodek hall in Katowice, Poland on Sunday. 

 Finland added three more points to their standings to be 8 and improved their win- loss ratio to 3-2, while Tunisia was eliminated with a 0-5 ratio. Now Finland confirmed a second round place after Brazil and Germany already did on Saturday, but their final position in Pool B will be determined at the end of the day after Germany v Korea and Brazil v Cuba matches later. 

Having dominance in spikes and blocks, Finland with their aggressive serves managed to beat Tunisia in straight sets. 

Key points:

• Finland led 44-28 in spikes and scored 7 points with serves against 2 gained by Tunisia.

• Urpo Sivula with 17 points led his team, followed by Olli Kunnari (16 points).

• Marouen Garci was Tunisia's top scorer with 12 points.

Opening the first set 3-0 ahead, Tunisia put some effort on Finland, but after three point serves scored by Olli Kunnari, Finland made 4-3 advance. With a fine spike by Urpo Sivula and efficient Mikko Esko and Jukka Lehtonen’s block, Finland led 8-6 at the first technical timeout. After a dink displayed by Elyes Karamosli, Tunisia reduced Finland’s leading to one point (12-11). With efficient Olli Kunnari’s spikes and some Tunisia’s mistakes (out spike and out serve by Miladi Ben Othmen), Finland finished the first set 25-18. 

At the beginning of the second set, they were Finland who jumped two points ahead (4-2). Continuing with making their leading bigger, well-formed pass and Olli Kunnari’s kills put Finland 8-5 at the first technical timeout. Trying to stay focused, Tunisia with Samir Sellami’s spike still kept touch, but Finland didn’t let them caught up and jumped out to 13-10 leading. Mikko Esko’s ace at 17-13 forced Tunisia’s coach to call a timeout. However, this break didn’t help his come back into the game, and Finland kept a firm grip of their advantage, winning the second set 25-14 after Shumov fine middle spike. 

Playing point by point, both teams tried their best to build some comfortable advance at the beginning of the third set.  Finland’s mistake helped Tunisia with going 7-6 ahead, but after efficient dink presented by Olli Kunnari, Finland caught up at 7-7. Having two points of advance (12-10), Finland let Tunisia to decrease the leading after spikes by Miladi Ben Othmen, followed by spike error made by Urpo Sivula, what put Tunisia 14-13 ahead. After Mikko Oivanen’s kill and double block by Urpo Sivula and Konstantin Shumov, Finland managed to jump into one point leading (17-16). Finland’s leading grew bigger and bigger and after Olli Kunnari’s kill, they won the third set 25-20.


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