Finland save best outing for last day


Finland team displayed their best volleyball against Bulgaria in the last day of the competition

Wroclaw, Poland, September 14, 2014 – Finland players were able to overcome the bad matches they had during the course of the tournament to finish in fantastic form, according to team’s captain Antti Siltala.

Finland coach Tuomas Sammelvuo: “We had some bad matches in our mind so we are happy that we managed to win today. I am glad that we finished the tournament with this victory. My players were prepared and they showed some stabilization in their game. I do not know how this event will influence the future but hopefully we will improve our game.”

Finland captain Antti Siltala: “That was a great match for us today. We are very happy with this victory, especially against such a good team as Bulgaria. I do not know what happened to them today, maybe they did not want to win? Maybe it was a lack of motivation? But surely we were in a fantastic form today, especially Urpo Sivula who finished every ball. We deserved for this victory and we are very happy that we will leave Poland with this three points.”

Bulgaria coach Plamen Konstantinov: “Congratulations to Finland. They showed that they want to win and they were fighting for every ball. I am happy from only one thing - that this is the end of this championship for us. For our mentality it is typical that we give up when we lose. My players should remember that they are playing for their country and they should never give up. We must change our attitude.”

Bulgaria captain Todor Aleksiev: “Congratulations to the Finland team. I cannot say much about this match. We are very disappointed. We should have been more prepared. We did not wanted to win as much as Finland did.”


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