France play past Germany with perfect game


French Captain Benjamin Toniutti (6) and Earvin Ngapeth (9) celebrate the victory over Germany

Katowice, Poland, September 16, 2014 – France’s coach Laurent Tillie evaluated as perfect the performance of his side against Germany to open the action in Pool G on Tuesday at Spodek Arena.

France coach Laurent Tillie: “It was a perfect game, our serve was very good as we made very few mistakes in this element. I’m really happy. Earvin Ngapeth only in the second set gained 12 points. He’s a lethal spiker and during the World League he travelled with the team. He was the MVP today, he was fantastic. 

France captain Benjamin Toniutti: “We’re very happy today. It was important to win 3-0 as we put some pressure on Iran and Germany. Very good serve and our defense was the key to our victory.” 

Germany coach, Vital Heynen: “Congratulations to France, after two sets France was missing only 3-4 serves. That’s element they played much more consistent than we did. We were not smart enough in our play as we made a lot of mistakes. They clearly deserved to win.” 

Germany captain, Jochen Schöps: “Congratulations to France, they played way less mistakes, way better. We cannot be satisfied with the result. We need to take a closer look on our game and improve some elements before next match.” 


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