Germany look for fifth consecutive win



•    China recorded three straight set wins at the World Championships against teams from Germany: West Germany in 1966 and East Germany in 1978 and 1982. They are yet to play a World Championship match against unified Germany.
•    These teams have never met at another major tournament.
•    China are on a nine-match losing streak at the World Championship against European sides.


•    After losing their 2014 opener against Brazil, Germany won their following four matches.
•    They can win five in a row for the first time as unified Germany. The last time a team from Germany won more than four consecutive matches was in 1970 when East Germany won nine in a row.
•    Germany can play their first five-setter in 13 matches against China.
•    Germany have the third best blocker of the first round with Marcus Böhme (15 stuff blocks).


•    China have lost their last three World Championship matches in straight sets and can lose four consecutive matches by a 3-0 scoreline for the first time since 1986 (5 in a row including 1994).
•    The last time China won a World Championship match in straight sets was in 1998 against Czech Republic. They have played 27 matches in the competition since.
•    Zhi Yuan was the second best server of the first round with 14 aces and an average of 0.82 per set.


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