“I feel very well because we won," says Korea, Park Chul-Woo


Korea coach instructing his team

 Katowice, Poland, September 1, 2014

Korean Coach, Park Kiwon: 

“We didn`t play very well today, we started and finish slowly, I didn`t like it. Our mental preparation wasn't good in this match. This competition is important for our players because they can improve, we will try to play our best in next games. I think organization in Katowice is perfect”.

Korea Best Player, Park Chul-Woo: 

“I feel very well because we won, we will prepare to play better and better in next games”.

Tunisia Coach, Fethi Mkaouar:

„The match was exilibrated, they are not very far from our level. They just have more experience and they served better. We did our best, it was a very nice match but the result was not that what we wanted.” 

Tunisia Captain, Samir Sellami: 

„We didn’t take the opportunity to win this game. We felt that Korean team was a little bit afraid at the beginning of this game. We had many chances to gain some score but we made many mistakes. The opposite team felt relaxed and they contrattacked. It was impossible to win today but we have to recover for the next games. Our last time in Poland was at Wagner tournament several years ago. It is a privilege to play here because people understand very well the rules of volleyball.  The ambiance is really amazing and we want to play better, give a nice show for the fans who come to support us”.

Tunisian Player, Nagga Hamza: 

„Our goal is to play without stress and give maximum in each game. The atmosphere here is amazing and the public is strongly motivated to support all the teams. I would like to wish more luck for my team and I wish other teams all the best in the further matches”. 


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