I played my best for my family in the tribune - Germany's Grozer


Grozer played his World championship's best encounter for his family in the tribune

Katowice, Poland, September 12- It was a special day for Germany's opposite Gyorgy Grozer, not only because it was one of the pool F deciders they played, but also a distinct event for him, personally.

His mother, wife and daughter all came from Hungary to support him in the crucial encounter helping him to extract all the power to produce the 2014 FIVB Men's World Championship's best serving performance so far.  

"Yes it was a special day for me to play against Bulgaria in the second round of the World Champs," Grozer admitted. "My mum was here for the first time from Hungary, my wife and daughter were here too. I had no choice but to play good! 

"So let’s say that everything was so perfect. Hope that I’ll be in the same shape for the next games," Grozer said after the win 3-1 that put Germany statistically in the third position of the standings going to the third round.

The former Hungarian star Grozer, who obtained Germany's citizenship in 2006 finished the match as the top scorer with 19 points, but more important he recorded 8 points from ace services for the best individual serving performance in Poland 2014.  

"Every game is so important for us and we need to collect points. Hopefully we did it. And to be honest, we were focused on that we lost in past years so important points in games against Bulgaria. It was in our hearts to win against them. Now we’re on winner’s side!," he added. 

"I think that Bulgaria was better in the third set specially in receiving and our tactic at this moment didn’t work so good. But generally it was very good set despite we lost it." 

About his expectations for Germany team's performance before the competition, Grozer said: "It’s always hard to tell before tournament. But from the beginning we started our preparation to get a medal. It’s normal that you’re playing to win and you can’t say that your aim is only to get promotion to next round or only to show good. 

"If you want to be among the best teams, you have to be ready for that. We must believe that we can get a medal, and now after matches we have won here, we feel that we can take a step forward. Of course this is the future, but at the moment we believe that we can make big achievements for our team, but we’ll try to focus on every day, every game. It is a long tournament and I can’t say if we win or play for the medal, but now we want to focus on game by game and show our power till the farthest point we can." 

For the game against Russia on Saturday, he followed:"It will be a very tough game for us. This is the only I can say at the moment. We’ll come back with power, hope that I’ll be on the same level as against Bulgaria and sky is our limit! Everything can happen. I will try my best to keep my performance the same."  


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