It was all about team spirit for France, says Toniutti


Not only Benjamin Toniutti praised the team spirit, also USA coach Speraw stressed that feature

David Lee - USA captain: "France played fantastic in almost every aspect of the game, while on our side we mainly struggled with serving and reception. Looking at our points, tomorrow's match with Italy is a must-win situation. We are looking for consistency, at times we have energy and at times I don't even recognize us. Here, there is no room for stupid mistakes or misplays with elements that should be automatic."

Benjamin Toniutti - France captain: "Every time we play against USA is difficult, because they put a lot of pressure on service and block. Looking at individual players they are better, but we played with our team spirit and this was the key to our good performance. System block-defence was good after the 1st set today and we used our chances in counter attack, that's what we have to play in the next games." 

John Speraw - USA coach: "It all went wrong because France stopped us with their great game. You need to play as a team; France had that and we hadn't. Perhaps the World League result was ahead of its time for this team. I'm well aware that we were playing better six weeks ago than now. But here we have a great chance to learn - if we can continue to grow from this experience, we can become a better team. As for France, (Antonin) Rouzier was phenomenal today and I'm really impressed how Kevin (Tillie) developed and matured over the last year." 

Laurent Tillie - France coach: "We are in a different position than USA. We arrived here with no pressure, just aiming to fight for every point, to work and play as good as we can. For me, this is a group of young people who just want to play together. And so far, our situation is almost perfect, because we played very good, without pressure and I hope we will continue playing like that."


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