Kevin Tillie– Great defenses and long rallies are what fans like


 Krakow, Poland, September 7, 2014 - Great defenses
and long rallies are what fans like - the show. It’s always nice to play in a
capacity-filled hall
– France’s Kevin
after winning 3-2 with Belgium.

You’ve won Pool D, considered by many a
group of death, with 4 victories and only one defeat in tie-break. I think you
can be very satisfied.

Tillie: Yes, we’re. We had one objective a month ago: to win 4 out of 5 matches.
We’ve met this goal and we’re still in the game.  It’s even a little bit surprising for us but
it’s good to be here and it will be good to be there - in the next round.

Which of those five games was the toughest?

- They were all tough, even the one with Iran but, I
think, today’s match was the hardest. For a couple of reasons: it’s the end of
the week, we’re getting tired and it was Belgium. We always have tough duels
against them.

You won the first set smoothly but in next
sets it wasn’t that easy. Did you expect such strong resistance form the Belgian

- No, not really because we had a really good start of
the first set. We played really well but it’s difficult to keep that level for
the whole match. We knew they could come back. We expected they could win a couple
of sets but we were fighting till the end and eventually we defeated them.

You personally scored 18 points. Is it your
top form or was it just a warm-up and your future opponents should be even more
afraid of you?

-  I
take one match at a time so I try to not think about it now. In the World
League we had some good games too and it’s nice we also play well here. We are
going to play better with every match and we will see how it’ll turn out.

Speaking about your next rivals, have you
seen some matches of Pool A?

-  I’ve watched a few. They have good teams in
that pool too and we’re going to play some really tough games with Poland,
Argentina, Serbia and Australia, who beat us in the World League. We will have
to fight hard in every match, just like in this pool. It’s another group of
death for us.

Your games here were almost sold-out. I guess Polish fans
really enjoy the way you play.

- Well it’s nice. I think they like it because our
players defend really well. We have good reception so we can launch fast
attacks. Great defending and long rallies are what fans like - the show. It’s
always nice to play in a capacity-filled hall.




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