Kolakovic praises job by bench players


The blocking of Serbia limited Kervin Pinerua's offense

Wroclaw, Poland, September 6, 2014 – Serbian coach Igor Kolakovic praised the job made by his bench players in the victory over Venezuela and will get plenty opportunities in the match against Cameroon on Sunday.

Serbia head coach, Igor Kolakovic: “We controlled the whole game. In the second set we made some mistakes in the attack but we stayed focused and patient. Our reserves played a good match. Tomorrow we play against Cameroon so they will have an opportunity to play again.”

Serbia captain, Dragan Stankovic: “Today we did not play on the highest level but successfully we have three points. We did not make so many errors. I am happy that we controlled the meeting for the whole time. We are also happy that we managed to get into the next round so we will have some more time to prepare.”

Venezuela head coach, Vincenzo Nacci: “Congratulations to Serbia for this victory. It was a hard and complicated match for us. We could score some points in the counterattack but we did not know how to finish our moves. There is a very difficult match with Australia in front of us. Hopefully it will be better meeting for our team.”

Venezuela captain, Kervin Piñerua: “I would like to congratulate Serbia. It was a very hard match for us and we did not have a lot of opportunities to counterattack. We have to focus on the next match because it is going to be a vital meeting for us.”


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