Mousavi Eraghi Seyed Mohammad – We are afraid of nobody


Krakow, Poland, September 6, 2014 - We respect everyone but we are afraid of nobody – Mousavi Eraghi Seyed Mohammad said after the winning match against Belgium.

How do you feel after the victory?

"I feel really happy. I’m pleased that we qualified to the next round because the previous time, four years ago, we didn’t manage to do that. I think our group is very difficult and every game has been very tough. We worked very hard to win matches here. 

What was the key to your success today? 

"It’s reception and service, we had some aces. We were also very good at blocking. We stayed focused and did our best. 

Are you thinking about the next round? 

"Not really. Now we are concentrating on the next game, tomorrow, against Puerto Rico. Every match is important for us and we would like to win Pool D.
Are you afraid of playing against Poland in the next round? 

"No. We are afraid of nobody but we respect all the teams. We won against the Polish team in Iran so we know how to play with them. We realize it will be difficult game because Polish fans are great supporters. 

Iran has also great supporters, we can hear them here, in Krakow. What do you think about the atmosphere in Krakow Arena?

"We have fantastic fans. From the beginning I heard them supporting us. It is great to play here. We feel here a little bit like in our country because we have a similar support there.


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