Players from the bench were key for Stephane Antiga


Stephane Antiga focused his analysis on the good options he has inside the Polish roster

Lodz, Poland, September 11, 2014 - While Italian captain Emanuele Birarelli showed regret on the chance his side couldn't seize but he also admitted they failed to control Mariusz Wlazly, Polish coach Antiga underlined the job done by reserve players Fabian Drzyzga, Michal Kubiak and Marcin Mozdzonek.

Italy captain Emanuele Birarelli: “Today we had a chance to win against Poland. Our approach at the beginning was good, while they were a little bit nervous, yet Poland managed to come back and we couldn't respond to this. Wlazly played great today and we couldn't stop him. We have a lot of respect for our work, we worked a lot this summer and maybe we deserved more. My team tried its best but we couldn't make it.”

Poland captain Michal Winiarski: “After our loss yesterday we couldn't sleep. I think that in the first set yesterday's loss was still in our heads, but after this we got rid of it and managed to win. I'm happy that we got out from this difficult match the victory. This game was one of those that we had to win. I don't care about opinions on how we did it, only points matter for us at this moment.”

Italy coach Mauro Berruto: “My team is still not healthy. We opened the match very well, we've had the chance to control the second set, but we lost it with our service errors. That's the picture of my team - too many ups and downs and one mistake that can change everything. Level of our game was not enough today for many reasons, but it was still better than before, so it gives me hopes that we will improve from here. I'm disappointed because now we are out from the Final Six, but we still have two matches and we want to finish this tournament with the victory.” 

Poland coach Stephane Antiga: “These are really important three points won. I’m really happy with the performance of our substitutions: Michal Kubiak, Marcin Mozdzonek and Fabian Drzyzga, even Dawid Konarski who came only for few actions and helped in block. It's important that we have players on the bench that can come in and change our game. What’s worrying is that we didn't start well and this is another match when we didn't serve good. We will have to work on these elements if we want to compete with even more difficult opponents.”


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