Roman Mannix: Puerto Rico keep fighting


Krakow, Poland, September 6, 2014 "We are going
to play our best till the end", said Roman Mannix, the best blocker of Puerto
Rico’s team after the surprising
 victory 3:1 against Italy.
The first victory and a great surprise for all of us. How do you feel
after this amazing game?

Mannix: I’m really happy and proud of us. We knew that
Italy is a very good team but we were prepared well for this game.
Our whole team did a fantastic job

How do you feel about tomorrow’s last game against Iran? We have already
known that they can win against the USA but on the other hand they have lost
against France.

"We know how
Iran plays, we have seen that they are a great team as well. Tomorrow’s game is
going to be difficult but we do believe that after today’s win we are going to be
enough motivated."

What do you think about the whole tournament? How would you describe the
week so far?

"It’s a very
good tournament. We are really proud of the fact that we can play here. We are going
to play our best till the end...

Who is going to win the World Championships in Poland? Do you have your

"Puerto Rico
is going to win, obviously!"

The last question is: What do you think about the atmosphere in the
Krakow Arena and the fans which were supporting you so strongly?

atmosphere and the fans were admirable. We were very surprised that we had so
many supporters. I would like to thank them for their involvement." 


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