Smart actions pay fruit for Poland - Antiga


Poland's coach Stephane Antiga made an auspicious debut at the steer of his team

Katowice, Poland, September 21, 2014 – Stephane Antiga, the triumphant coach of the Polish team praised the fighting spirit of his players who did not give up despite the impressive start of the Brazilian side in the gold medal match at Spodek Hall on Sunday night.

Stephane Antiga, Coach of Poland:

What can I say now? Our dream came true. We worked very hard during all turnament. Before the final I told guys that this match was like any other match. They showed that they are a real team.

I’m happy the most that after the great beginning of the Brazilians we didn’t give up. Anyway, we never give up. I started believing in our success when our serve started to work. I told my players to risk even more, and then brazilian receivers stopped playing so well. And we played very smartly in attack. Especialy Mika and Winiarski found a way to avoid block.

About his coaching career

It’s the beginning of my career. It’ll be hard, because with started with great success. I’m surprised how fast it came. I wondered how those guys will cope with pressure, especially here in Poland. We have worse and better matches but its not because of pressure. They are strong. 

The motivation of the players

We were surprised how motivated the team was. We didn’t need to encourage them. I was afraid that as young coach I could have problems with them. It’s easier to gain succes than to keep on it.
Quotes from Mixed Zone:

Andrzej Wrona: Being a world champion is fantastic. No one really believed in us, that's why it's an even more important victory. 
Fabian Drzyzga: It's a moment that can never happen again. We need to be happy and celebrate this result, but we Polish have tendency to complain.
Marcin Możdżonek: I think that we are not really conscious of what we have done and achieve. We don't really know what is going on here.
Paweł Zatorski: Everyone in the team played an important role and it's a team success.


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