Stopping Conte and Uriarte keyed Poland’s win


Wroclaw, Poland, September 7, 2014 – Poland team were well prepared for the match against Argentina and succeeded in their game strategy as they were able to stop the offence of Facundo Conte and created difficulties to setter Nicolas Uriarte with their strong and accurate serves.

Poland head coach, Stephane Antiga: “It was a very good result for us. We have all the points, which is satisfying. Yesterday we were not completely ready for the meeting but today we showed a good volleyball. We managed to stop Facundo Conte and Nicolas Uriarte and that was the reason of our victory.”

Question about the next round and the match with Iran:

“We had some problems with Iran but they are not unbeatable. We analysed their game and draw conclusions. Of course it will be a difficult match for us but I think that we have a chance to win.”

Poland captain, Michal Winiarski: “We are very happy with today’s match. We achieved our goal since we are in the next round with all the points. The last part was well levelled but we managed to win. Now we have some time to prepare and to focus on the next matches. We go to Lodz and every match will be vital so we cannot make any mistakes.”

Question about playing in Wroclaw:

“For sure Wroclaw is of good luck for us. We won every match here and we got all the points. The atmosphere was great despite the fact that the hall is one of the smallest. The only disturbing thing was the high temperature.”

Argentina head coach Julio Velasco: “I want to congratulate Poland because it was a great victory. I think the key to their victory was the service, especially Wlazly’s serves. Our team usually have a good reception – today we did not show it. Poland played the high ball well and they were better in the attack too.”

Argentina captain, Javier Filardi: “Congratulations to Poland for this victory. It was a good match for us, especially the third set. We did not manage to use the good situations. That was the reason of our loss.”


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