Team Poland meet with their fans in Wrocław


A selfie with 6000 fans: Karol Kłos, Andrzej Wrona, Paweł Zagumny and Stephane Antiga

Wrocław, Poland, September 7, 2014 – Almost 6 000 people gathered in the Fan Zone in Wrocław cheered for the national team of Poland, when they appeared in the stage, soon after the match against Argentina, which Poland won 3-0. This was their last game of the first phase of the World Championship. The fans thanked for a great game and result; the players – for fantastic support.

The team and staff arrived at the Fan Zone, next to Wrocław’s Centennial Hall in their red bus. The victors were welcomed by the President of Wrocław, Mr. Rafał Dutkiewicz and the PVF President, Mr. Mirosław Przedpełski.

But the players, still warmed-up by the game, so that the stage started to get foggy, came there first and foremost to thank their faithful fans.

”Thank you for your support, for being with us. We’re very happy that Wrocław proved to be such a lucky city to play in” – said the Polish team captain Michał Winiarski. “Now we’re moving on to Łódź. We want you to stay with us; we still really need your backing. We’ll try and give our best in the court to bring you as much joy with our game. This is sport and everything is possible, but we’ll try to stay in the game for as long as we can and go as far as possible in this tournament” said Winiarski, the best scorer of the match.

The White-and-Reds will play their first match of the FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship Poland 2014 on Wednesday, September 10, at 20:25 in Atlas Arena in Łódź. They will face USA or Italy, which will depend on the result of today’s match between those two teams.


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