The main factor was to always believe - Tillie


France piled up win after win and now move on to 2nd round as Pool D leaders

Frank Depestele - Belgium captain: "France played a good game and they're having a good tournament so far. I'm a little bit disappointed because we wasted some chances and this was a do-or-die game for us. We wanted to go forward and we showed our best, but it just wasn't enough."

Benjamin Toniutti - France captain: "Today we didn't play in our best condition, we have lost a lot of energy in the last two days. This was still an important victory for the future for us. 
We have a difficult pool ahead - last time Australia won against us, with Argentina is always 50-50, Serbia are always difficult to win with and Poland is playing at home."

Dominique Baeyens - Belgium coach: "We are disappointed, personally I think we could have played much better in this World Champs. I think what mixed up logical in the group was the good level of France, that messed up with everybody else. This was not forseen, we knew before that USA, Iran and Italy were favorites so we wanted to be third or fourth, and then suddenly France won with almost all of them and we were with our backs against the wall."

Laurent Tillie - France coach: "When we saw the draw, I thought 'this is not a good pool for us'. We were focused on Puerto Rico and Belgium, but this week has been magical for us, we played so well in defence. The main factor was to always believe in our team. Grebennikov will have X-ray, we are afraid he's got a fracture. We keep our fingers crossed for no fractures, but if he won't be able to play, we have our second libero with us."


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