The real fight is still ahead - Brazil setter Bruno


Brazil is now waiting for another challenge against Russia in the final

Katowice, Poland, September 15, 2014 - Brazil continued their winning streak for 11 consecutive matches after a victory in style over Russia (3-1) at the end of the second round of the 2014 Men's Volleyball World Championship, but the real fight for the crown is still ahead in the opinion of Brazil's captain and setter Bruno Resende.

"The fight didn't finish and everything could happen," said Bruno after the win against the Olympèic champions in Katowice. "We showed a hard offensive game. We also made a good job with our tempo - quick attacks – it was key to the win." 

"Winning against Russia and gaining 1st place in Pool F was very important for Brazil. It gives advantage to the team. It’s always good to win, but I wouldn’t get focused on something like mental advantage. This match was for us a kind of practice – really. We were all thinking and following the Russian team during the competition. We have got a chance to play them before the crucial moments in the competition. Let’s say that it was practice on the highest level,” continues Bruno. 

"Matches between Russia and Brazil are always characterised by some mental tricks, this is the attraction of volleyball.  I fully agree with this theory, really it’s one of our shows. But of course sometimes there is too much of it. It is part of the sport, but sometimes you should only focus on the game. Things like that are only kinds of extras”. 

During the match between Russia and Brazil all the tickets were sold out for first time of this Championship at Spodek Arena, “It’s a magnificent feeling I can't describe. I just want to thank all polish fans. We’re appreciating their support. We feel as if we are playing at home, we love Katowice,” 

"Really we want to meet the Russian team again in the final, and I'm sure they want the same, to capture the title. So we are looking forwards for that final.” 


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