Velasco expects a good volleyball show against Poland


Argentina advanced to the second round following the victory against Australia

Wroclaw, Poland, September 6, 2014 - Argentinean Julio Velasco anticipates a lot of pressure for the match between his side and hosts Poland on Sunday at Centennial Hall but he also expect a good show of volleyball from the two teams already qualified to the second round.

Argentina head coach, Julio Velasco: “We are very happy for this victory because we know how strong team Australia is. Today we had a lot of problems with the service, however Australians were making the same errors so we did not lose so much points. As it turned out, this match was not as difficult as we thought. Of course we focus on the next meeting with Poland but we also think about the second round.”

Question about the next match with Poland:

“With actual technology everyone knows everything about everybody. There are no secrets at all. We know Polish team, only Mateusz Mika is new but we saw how he plays. As I said earlier, the victory in straight sets with Serbia gave Poland a lot of confidence. People know that they are one of the best teams on this championship. Pressure will be strong but we hope that the audience on Sunday will see a great spectacle.”

Argentina captain, Javier Filardi: “We are very pleased with this meeting. That was a good match for us. The first set was very good for us, just like the second one. In the third, Australia managed to complicate our situation but we did our job and we scored important three points.

Question about the next match with Poland:
“We will try to do our best. So far, everything was going well. We know that Poland is a very difficult opponent because they are a very good team and they will be supported with their fans. However we will do everything to win this meeting.”

Australia head coach, Jon Uriarte: “This match showed to us that we were not as prepared as we should have been. There is still a lot of work in front of us.”

Question – Will he comment this match with his son?

“I will only say to him that I am happy that we had an opportunity to play together on such an event like this one.”

Australia captain, Aidan Zingel: “I am quite disappointed after this match because we thought we will show a better volleyball. We believed that we have made progress after the meeting with Poland but it turned out that we did not. We have to think a lot before the next match and many things to improve.”


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