“Volleyball is about small details,“ says Finland Captain Antti Siltala


Brazil fought for the victory

 Katowice, Poland, September 5, 2014- 

Brazil Coach, Bernardo Rezende:

I think Finnish team played very well, besides serve they made two or three mistakes under pressure. They played very fast; they weren’t as tense as in the match against Cuba. The setter Eemi Tervaporti has a lot of speed playing back to number 16, who was also amazing. We had hard time to keep them under control. It was a very good test for us, they served well, and put us under pressure. Finland is a team of a high level. Finnish fans are amazing in the area and outside it. A friend of mine texted me asking me, if we were playing in Helsinki. Spodek when it’s not red it’s blue and that’s amazing. It was a tough match, coming back in 2 sets was good for the confidence of our team, it’s a long tournament and we have to be prepared for that. 

Brazil Captain, Bruno Rezende:
We saw a very good match of volleyball, the Finnish team played really well. They served aggressively. I’m happy because our team was very concentrated in all the sets, all the points even when we were behind, we didn’t lose patience and that was the key to the victory. 

Finland Coach, Tuomas Sammelvuo

Our team played very good volleyball, but in the sport it’s not enough and you have to be better than the opponent. At this level these small details at the end of the set are the most important. We have to think about tomorrow. I want to congratulate Brazil, they were patient as always. If you lose you have to explain why and we want to improve some things. 
In comparison to earlier matches we improved our attack, we play smartly with block. 

Finland Captain, Antti Siltala

I’d like to congratulate Brazil, at the end of sets they were a little bit better, small things happened. Volleyball is when you play 24-23, it’s about those 3 small points, small details, today we unfortunately didn’t do these things as we should. Anyway, we played great match, only few mistakes, great spiking and attack. Tomorrow is a new day. 


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