We shouldn't be focused on Russia only- Brazil's Lucarelli


Brazil's attacker Lucarelli, ready for all opponents

 Katowice, Poland, September 13, 2014- Brazil is playing every game to win and to their outside hitter Lucarelli Santos, they shouldn't focus only on Russia as one of the biggest favourites, because problems may come from other teams.

 "We shouldn't work only for Russia. Behind us there’s Canada on Saturday and we have to focus on that game before thinking about Russia," said the Brazilian hitter after the straight sets win against China in Pool F. 
"Every game in the World Championship is so important. You have to be focused all the time, every match, every set. You always need points in a tournament like that, so there are no non-important games for us. Now Canada and Russia are still behind us in the second round, each game has a big importance,"

 "We are following up all our opponents, not only Russia. You have to have an eye on everybody! But we don’t count points of our rivals of course (laugh). We have to look on each other,"

 About the treatment of media considering Brazil as favourites in every match he said: "For us it’s something normal. We are habitual with this pressure for a long time. We just have to be on highest level each match because our opponents always want to beat us. They are usually facing us in their best performance.

Lucarelli is still hungry with his teammates for other victories, "Of course, who doesn’t want to be on the podium?! Never mind if you’re the oldest or youngest in the team. It is always the same feeling for the whole team, to be the champions.

 The Brazilian youngster likes the environment in Katowice and the fans support in Spodek. "It’s the 5th time for me to play here, and it’s always great. It’s always the same feelings here not only for me, but for the whole team. We feel the support from Polish fans. It’s lovely and I hope that it will continue till final,"

Brazil team don't have time in Katowice to see something more than the halls and the hotel. "We need to spend some time all together, just talking a little bit and maybe eat something of Polish food, Why not!. Polish food is favourite for me," 


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