Grozer leads Germany to claim the last third round ticket


Germany celebrate the victory over Canada to secure a third round ticket

 Katowice, Poland, September 14, 2014- Germany qualified to the third round of 2014 FIVB Men’s World Championship after a straight sets victory (28-26, 25-22, 25-23) over Canada in Pool F at Spodek Hall in Katowice, Poland on Sunday. 

As they needed a point to qualify for the third round, Germany could celebrate their success after two sets. Nonetheless, they stayed focused and played well in serves and kept good passing as they managed to catch up in the third set and win the whole match in straight sets, leaving Canada off the tournament. 

Key points:

• Germany scored 5 points with efficient serves, while Canada gained just one.

• Germany needed just two sets to get their third round tickets, however, they managed to win also the third one. 

• Grozer with 18 points led Germany, while Gavin Schmitt was Canada's leader with 10 points.

• Both teams scored 7 points with blocks.

• Despite winning the match, Germany made 23 errors, while Canada made only 19

Making a use of the opponent’s error, Germany started the match with 2-1 leading. Shortly after, Germany’s setter Lukas Kampa made a mistake, what put Canada 4-2 ahead. Both teams kept good passing, so they performed nice fierce from both sides of the court and Canada’s Gavin Schmit helped his team to jump 8-5 at the first technical timeout. With Nicholas Hoag’s spikes, Canada were able to keep their advance and put a pressure on Germany, who made an out spike and forced Vital Heynen to call a timeout for regaining focus. With Grozer’s power on the right wing, Germany started their chase for the scores and came to 15-12 after a fine block. Improving their passing and adding Tim Broshog’s kill, Germany caught up at 16-16. At 24-23, Germany tried to change the scores and György Grozer made it possible with his right-wing kill. After Denys Kaliberda’s ace, Germany had a set ball. However, they used the third set ball in a row and finished an exciting first set 28-26. 

Returning to the game, Canada went 3-1 ahead at the beginning of the second set. With Grozer playing against the Canada’s block, Germany started the chase and came to 5-3 what was followed by Adam Simac’s out spike and the leading decreased to one point (5-4). Germany regained their self confidence what showed Kampa and Böhme’s efficient block that put them 6-5 ahead. However, they were Canada who led 8-7 at the first technical timeout. Very balanced game was broken by Denys Kaliberda who displayed two point serves in a row and put his team 12-10 ahead. Germany's leading was kept as they had one point of advance at the second technical timeout (16-15). Some fine spikes by John Perrin, Graham Vigrass and Justin Duff put new hope on Canada’s side, but Germany’s leading increased (20-17). Graham Vigrass and John Perrin displayed an efficient block and Canada came closer to 21-20. With Grozer behind the serve line, Germany rebuilt their three points of advance and scored the last point, winning the second set 25-22. 

Being sure of the qualification to the third round, Germany didn’t stop their battle for victory and gained 5-4 advance in the third set. Sebastian Schwarz’s left-wing kill pushed Germany 8-5 ahead at the first technical timeout. Keeping good passing and presenting some marvellous digs, both teams put all their efforts to fight for every point. Canada didn’t surrender and despite no chances for the third round, tried to present some good volleyball as they took 16-12 leading at the second technical timeout. With Justin Duff’s short kill, they kept four points of leading, but Germany caught up at 18-18 and run 19-18 after a fine block displayed by Schöps and Günthör. Staying focused, Germany managed to finish the third set 25-23.


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