Positive signs for Puerto Rico according to star player Héctor Soto


For Puerto Rican captain Soto, there's more for his team than just a defeat

Benjamin Toniutti - France captain: "It's always hard to start, because you can be afraid of losing the first game. We didn't play our best today, we can play much better, but I'm happy that we still won. Everybody knows how difficult our pool is, so the result of our game put us in a good position so far." 

Héctor Soto - Puerto Rico captain: "The biggest difference between our teams was the ability to stay focused and play better at the end of the sets. Even though we lost 3-0, we saw a few good things in our game. I can see our improvement in other elements, like blocking. We haven't been playing together for 3 weeks, so we expect to play better with every match here."

Laurent Tillie - France coach: "Puerto Rico was always close to us. We served very well, aces saved us especially in some key moments. I was a bit afraid it could be a 3-2 game as well and that would complicate our situation from the very beginning."

David Alemán - Puerto Rico coach: "For us it's a tough loss. We played very well until the end of each set, that's when France was more consistent and that helped them to win the match. We just want to take one game at a time and our next focus is Belgium."


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