Sukochev: It was a really tough match


Wroclaw, Poland, September 7, 2014 - Australia takes
the last qualification to the second round. Grigory Sukochev shared with his
feelings on this match and expectations for the next phase.

This match was do or die for you. How do you feel
about it?

It was a really tough
match. It was big help for us to start really well but we could not hold it.
Then Venezuela fought back and they started playing tough volleyball. They
served really really well. Eventually, our block took them aback and we played
more stabile volleyball. Thankfully, in the end we managed to come out with the

Did you have any special plan for Venezuela?

We have tactics
for every team we come up against. It was important for us to control what we
do on our side – our reception and the way we play our attack. Then we really
took advantage of that block. 

You will be playing against teams from Pool D next
round. Pool D is said to be a group of death. What are your expectations?

I suppose we
still expect to play our level of volleyball. If we play at our high level, we
can compete with any team. If we do not, it is going to be really tough. So it
is important for us to keep that in mind how we play our best. If we do, then
we can have a lot of success, even in this tough group.

Is volleyball popular in Australia?

To be honest, it
is not really popular. We do not have a professional league in Australia. The
younger kids, especially in school, play a lot. So we have a lot of kids
playing volleyball but once you leave school, there is no way to go after that.

You played in Polish club Fart Kielce. How do you
remember it?

I have good
memories from that. I have learned a lot. It was not an easy season because I
had to get used to the new language, new team. It was the first time on my own.
But once I got used to that, it became a really nice experience for me. I hope
that I managed to help a little bit

Would you like to play in Polish club once again?

I would love to
but I do not think that I have any chances to do that. 


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