USA captain David Lee relies on Max Holt's conditions


Captain David Lee praised fellow middle-blocker Max Holt

Emanuele Birarelli - Italy captain: "We had a great chance to prove we can play better than against Puerto Rico, but USA served very well while we did too many mistakes in this element. We didn't use our chances in counterattack. We must think positive, we know we can win with every team in the world and that's what we are going to try in the next four games."

David Lee - USA captain: "The first two sets were probably the best sets we've played in this phase. We can get better and every day we are learning how to grow as a team. As far as the points we take to the second phase, they don't put us in a great position, but we can aim to the third round. (On Maxwell Holt) It's rare to see a middle blocker to score more points than our spikers, but he's one of the best in this tournament so it's not so surprising for me. If he keeps playing like this, we have good chances".

Mauro Berruto - Italy coach: "I wish I could play longer in Krakow, in this magical atmosphere that we could experience. Today we had a different match than last night, we showed at least some will to fight, but were not able to play our best. For the next round, I think we have to be the kind of team you don't want to play against. At this moment we are kind of an underdog, but we need to find the attitude of a team you hate to play against." 

John Speraw - USA coach: "Particularly, I'm happy with our play in the first set. I felt sorry when Ivan Zaytsev got hurt. As a coach I understand how difficult it is when you lose a key player. We all want to compete with the teams that are at their best, after his accident I think atmosphere changed on both sides of the net. But we have three points and now it's time to think on the next round."



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